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See how this book has inspired lives and changed them for the better.


We live in a culture moving faster than lightning, it's easy to feel unaffirmed, forgotten, or uninvited.We know God has a plan for our lives, but the daily cares of life steal away our time with the Father. If we are not careful our dreams will seem to slip away.

In this incredible 312 page daily devotional, myself and fifty amazing women share a complication of 52 weeks of life changing stories, private moments of faith, and encouraging words of truth. Each daily devotional is accompanied by a bible verse and a short prayer.

Each day's reading will inspire you to live your best life and break off lies that make you feel unloved, less than, or unworthy. Within the first week of reading this book, you will begin moving down the path to reclaiming your confidence.

Since its release on October 2018, the book has been changing the lives of families, friends, and loved ones. That said, it makes for a great holiday and birthday gift and also as a powerful read for study and empowerment groups.



I am honored to be a Co-Author in The Invitation.


What’s so amazing about grace? Well, I write about it in The Invitation.

You will be blessed by reading how the Father’s love lifted me from sorrows and broke my chains.

Grace truly unlocked my heart and set me free.


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About the Co-Author

Rosalind(Roz) Booker is a wife, mother, and Nana. She holds a degree in BS/BMGT. On top of being an active speaker, she's also an Ordained Elder, Women's Ministry Leader, and a Worship Leader at River of Glory Church in Plano, TX. Since 1996, Roz has been birthing dreams and building legacies in real estate.

Roz is a passionate resource in connecting a wealth of opportunities for diverse classes and businesses to work together. She is a trusted advocate in the community and remains true to her heart in her convictions to inspire and empower others.

Roz is an active member of the Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce; a member of the Board of Directors for Plano Community Home ,Inc; and a Vice President for the Collin Country Black Chamber of Commerce. Roz also serves in coalitions supporting Veterans and Seniors communities.

Since she started her career, Roz has been in the forefront in the real estate industry. She is a woman making a significant impact on the lives of others.


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